Brehdren returns to the Sunshine Coast on Saturday, November 12

Brehdren returns to the Sunshine Coast on Saturday, November 12

2 sets, 20 songs, spanning our 12 year career!

Another awesome poster designed by our singer Scott Hastings.

On Saturday, November 12, Brehdren will return to the Roberts Creek Legion on the Sunshine Coast. Opening the show will be Monty Montego & the Rocksteady Crew, who we’ve never played with before, but if their cover of 007 by Desmond Dekker is any indication they should set the perfect mood for a super fun night.

Loved this little behind the scenes cover of 007. Excited to see this one live.

Two or three years before the pandemic, Brehdren hopped on a ferry with our friends in Kownterpoint to play a double-bill show at the Roberts Creek Legion and had a blast.

For our return on November 12, we have a special setlist planned. Not to get sappy, but we were super excited to celebrate our 10 year anniversary in 2020, but the pandemic got in the way (talk about first world problems, eh?). Anyways, now that we have officially released our 3rd album, “King Quincy’s Dinner Party”, we are ready to celebrate Brehdren and the awesome friendships that this band has brought us.

We will play two full sets of original Brehdren music on November 12, including a sequential performance of all five songs in the Space Case Chronicles. Unfortunately, we will be without our friends Sweet (bari sax) and Erik (trumpet) for this show, but Kevin Lyman (guitar) from the Harmonic Cosmonauts will be joining for the adventure, though hopefully not “An Underwater Adventure” (Space Case, Pt. 5 reference…nudge nudge).

Kevin and Ian (guitar) have been friends for more than 25 years, sharing a love for indie rock, prog rock, and jam bands. Kevin taught Ian the guitar basics and they’ve been friends ever since. He played his first show with Ian and Brehdren at the Fox Cabaret for the King Quincy Album Release Show on September 30, 2022, and is recorded on Space Case, Pt. 4.

This is Kevin Lyman’s other band, The Harmonic Cosmonauts. They rule!

With Kevin onboard we plan on adding some extended jams to certain songs in our Roberts Creek set, but always with the intent of extending the dancing on the floor. If fans enjoy these extended versions, you can expect to see more of these special #Bred&Jam sets in the future.

Oh yah, and one last thing, while we are building out the setlist for the November 12 show we have been looking back at our older tunes and refreshing them for live performance. Check out this cool playlist Ian put together of our entire catalog, or “the Whole Loaf” as we refer to it as a band.


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