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Formed in East Vancouver in 2010, Brehdren is an upbeat 10-piece with varied influences and a shared love of ska. Together the band has decades of stage experience and has played Victoria Skafest and opened for NYC ska heroes The Slackers. Motivated to pack the dancefloor, Brehdren has drawn praise for a fun and irreverent style brought to life in both their music and stage presence.

Brehdren at the Fox Cabaret in Vancouver, B.C. (September 30, 2022)

Brehdren releases third album “King Quincy’s Dinner Party”

A 12-year staple of the Vancouver ska scene, Brehdren (@brehdren on Instagram) is ready to dance their way into a post-pandemic world, releasing their third studio album “King Quincy’s Dinner Party” on all streaming sites on Friday, September 30.

Recorded & mixed by engineer/producer Matt Roach at Raincity Recorders in East Van, the 8-track album is full of energy and hooks. Lead single, “Garrrie!!!” (Released on August 5, 2022) hits all the right ska-punk notes, while the title track “King Quincy’s Dinner Party” is a bombastic epic about a gathering with dire consequences, complete with an obituary for an evil spider villain.

Brehdren loves to tell stories with its songs, including a continuing run of tunes about stealing Pluto and spies fighting in space. The band’s Space Case epic continues on its third album with Space Case Pt. 4 and 5. Part 4 is a reggae-rock song with guest guitarist Kevin Lyman from Vancouver jam band, The Harmonic Cosmonauts, while Part 5 is ska screamer that brings the Space Case characters back to Earth and into a new “Underwater Adventure Series”.

The new album also includes songs about rich ladies feeding robot birds teeth (Metal & Gold Teeth); violent video games (2001: A Ska Odyssey); a fun trip to the hospital (Buckshot Ricochet – 2nd single released September 16, 2022); and the dangers of a bear mauling (Bear Attack).   

“We are so proud of this new album! After 12 years as a band, we have a better understanding of what we want to sound like, touching a variety of styles of storytelling and musical genres,” said Ian Malinski, guitarist & vocalist. “From ska-punk to rock with blistering horn solos, our goal is to make people dance. Check out the album and then come to a show and party with us!”

An album release party for “King Quincy’s Dinner Party,” which attracted more than 120 people, was held at the Fox Cabaret (2321 Main St.) on Friday, September 30.

King Quincy’s Dinner Party Tracklist:

  1. Garrrie!!!
  2. Metal & Gold Teeth
  3. 2001: A Ska Odyssey
  4. King Quincy’s Dinner Party
  5. Buckshot Ricochet
  6. Space Case, Pt. 4
  7. Bear Attack
  8. Space Case, Pt. 5

Brehdren Members:

Scott Hastings – Vocals
Ian Malinski – Guitar & Vocals
Darel Simpson – Bass
Michael Chamzuk – Drums & Vocals
Felix Taylor – Keyboards
Sweet – Baritone Saxophone
Lawrence Chew – Alto Saxophone
Trevor Tablotney – Trombone
Erik Engholm – Trumpet
Kevin Lyman – Lead Guitar

Media Contact

Please direct all media inquiries to Ian Malinski (guitar & vocals) at ian_malinski@hotmail.com or 604.889.69O2

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