King Quincy’s Dinner Party

Released September 2022

King Quincy’s Dinner Party was recorded in February – June 2022 with Matt Roach at Raincity Recorders in Vancouver, BC. Some of these songs are years old, while Space Case, Pt. 5 was written in early 2022.

The Classifieds

Released June 2018

The Classifieds album was recorded in 2018 with Doug Fury at Fortissimo Sound in Vancouver, B.C. The album was released with a DIY newspaper (scroll down below) we created, providing additional colour to the songs & lyrics. It has tons of inside jokes and even references King Quincy all those years ago.

Out Goes the Window

Released June 2015

Out Goes the Window was the first Brehdren album, recorded in 2015 at Greenhouse Studios in Vancouver, BC. Interestingly, Greenhouse became Raincity Recorders so both our first and third album were recorded at the same studio, just a different name.

Have you seen it? Did you read it? The Brehdren Times